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1554 days ago.
by Parnell

Contaminated Water

This investigation is gonna be a tough one to figure out. It involves many variables, three. 1)-what fertilizers does US Sugar use on its crops, 2)-when does US Sugar make its ‘dumps’ into Lake Okeechobee, and 3)-on the most part what fertilizers do average people use on their lawns? With that done, we now have a good start. Next, each time US Sugar’s dumps we must determine what is in the water and what color the water is. With an aerial view I just bet we can look at each of US Sugar’s dump sites and we could watch the water entering the Lake and observe the color. Ya think? Then, at each (or most, anyway) of the public’s dump sites what is in the water and what color is the water. We then compare the effect of each entity’s contaminants on the sea-life, etc and it shouldn’t be too hard to come to a conclusion. My bet is US Sugar is killing our environment, for the most part and has been doing it for a kazillion years. US Sugar should pay nearly all costs involved.


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Recycling Is a Logical Solution

Water is our most precious and threatened resource. Suggestions of where to release toxic waters from Lake “O” are irresponsible. The challenge of collection of this toxic resource has already been done for us. Rather than dumping into currently compromised ecosystems, consider recycling this contaminated water back to the source. We can argue about blame or fines but this crisis is about politics and profit. Recycling this toxic water back to agriculture may be a solution to restore the balance God has created. It is encouraging knowing we can revive what has been destroyed as prevention and recycling offer positive alternatives. Protecting our environment and economy is a long term investment. This critical issue is the survival of unique, pristine wetlands and coastline. Watch how quickly growth and tourism collapse if we cannot eat the fish, afford a round of golf on AstroTurf, or step in what floats.

Linda I. Parnell 2/25/16

Posted 1554 days ago.


Regarding Fracking this is information the feds, Florida and FL Counties cannot seem to locate: In 2010 Theo Colborn from Cornell U and her co-authors investigated 353 chemicals used to drill and fracture natural gas wells in the United States. Health effects were broken into 12 categories: skin, eye and sensory organ, respiratory, gastrointestinal and liver, brain and nervous system, immune, kidney, cardiovascular and blood, cancer, mutagenic, endocrine disruption, other, and ecological effects. Her paper provides a list of 71 particularly nasty drilling and fracturing chemicals, i.e., those that are associated with 10 or more health effects. What has government done to distance itself from these known facts? They created the LA-MSID; more on that later. *******

Posted 1554 days ago.


Fracking and Marco Rubio- High Volume Hydraulic Fracturing (HVHF) utilizes water under tremendous pressure, along with highly toxic ingredients, to remove natural gas from the Earth. This procedure totally destroys ground-water supplies for eternity; releases vast amounts of methane gas into the air and the water has potential to kill and sicken all animal life. Fracking is going to be a very hot item in the near future and Rubio is right in the middle of the scams. A man named Larry Nichols, a CEO at Devon Energy Corp, padded Rubio’s campaign fund by $50,000 and is on Rubio’s “energy steering committee”. I am not against clean energy such as natural gas. I am, however, against killing people in the name of profit. BTW, when methane gas mixes with carbon dioxide it creates an element that is 105% more powerful as an environmental toxin than just CO2 by itself. ****psehealthyenergy****/ *******catskillcitizens****/news/cfm

Posted 1555 days ago.

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