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I have done my homework and I am convinced that Mr. Aquilar is the best choice for State Representative District 79 next year. He seems sincere and has a good heart. He is NOT your average politician like his opponent Rep Caldwell. He doesn't hide behind security at the Lehigh Acres airport that keeps him safe from prying eyes and accessibility to the people that elected him to represent them. Aquilar wouldn't get in the pockets of Mother Sugar like Mr. Caldwell has done. Mr. Aquilar wouldn't vote for bills 100% of the time, just because it agreed with the GOvernors agenda. He would actually read the bills and make a determination if a considered bill would benefit the people of the State and District 79. I am hoping to get this topic started so if anyone wants to discuss and tell me what direction in your opinion that Lehigh Acres should go, please feel free. I have just moved here and already I like the people in the Community.


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