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PART ONE--Why does the Lehigh Economic Development Board ( a private club controlled by Edd weiner, Mike swords, Jere carrick ) keep saying Lehigh does not get back as much taxes as it pays to the county commissioners. Here is the proof that they are not telling us the truth. Is it a giant scam to fool us into thinking we have to be a city to get our money? After a six week research effort the figures listed below by Mike Welch (ECWCD Commissioner and contributing editor to the Voices OF Lehigh in the Merchant's Marketer 25 homestead rd. ) you can read the full column. We thank Mr. Welch for his work in the past eight months, after ten years of haggling, he has gotten a new administration building being built and lead the way to a ECWCD balanced budget and no increase in taxes. At least the water board in not going under like the fire dept. is. We think that we have finally found a level headed official with a acute business acumen and real sense of sizing up both the people's financ


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