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ECWCD Board Chairman Neal Horrom signed the agreement to borrow $ 5,700,000 and pledged specifiac revenues to a bank requested special assesment (to raise taxes)to pay the loan off in seven years.Here is what the lawyers on both sides ripped us taxpayers off for,bank fees $15,500-bank lawyer $14,550,bond lawyer $5,000 another $50,000 note to start hiring planners etc.So fellow taxpayers in addedition to your regular assessment you will now have to pay off a $5.7 million loan. And mr. Horrom really expects to be reelected. He refused to heed the request of currant candidates to put this deal off until the new board meeting. The arrogance of this current board has now left them in deep debt and their only solution is to borrow money at the expence of the taxpayers,there are other solutions that the candidates have but as usual they are not listening.It is time for them to go, they have to go.LEHIGH POVERTY LEVEL IS $21000, NATIONAL IS $22,000


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