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Speciall meeting of water board Aug. 30, 2010 6:30 PM at office to approve borrowing a seven million dollar loan and promise the bank that they will raise taxes to pay for it.(cmsr, Welch says he will vote against the loan),no doubt one million will be spent on buying an office building from a former client of cmsr. stout to house its eight member staff. and following the years of neglect of fixing culverts they now want to make a contractor rich instead of training their own employees to do what should be on going process of replacement. The fifth/third bank is the only bank in years that would give them a loan and we believe they are not doing the due dilligance study as the other banks did in finding them a poor risk. (my money is not going to 5/3 bank) They are ignoring the 70 person overflow crowd that protested their financial policys and are going to put us in debt for the next 20 years.With two months till election why not wait for ideas from a new board? COME,SEE WHO THEY ARE


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