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Fire Board See of you agree or not.

1) If the LAFD gives up the ALS and transport services, we give up almost 2 millions dollars year. Why give it up, if we give it up according to the Chiefs docements the dept goes into the red faster. 2)Add a non emergenery transfer service to and from Lehigh Regional to and from the other hospitals and take it away from Lee County EMS this would add 1.2 to 1.5 million of billable income each year. 3) Cancel the other truck use the difference from the cash price that the LAFD already paid and cancelation fee to save jobs. 4) Commissioners work free for a year. (every penny counts) 5) 12 to 15% pay cut across the board; the union is goes to have to give up something. 6) During the slower months run 12 hours shifts only out of 104 and 105. Do you really need to staff 5 stations 24 / 7? Lee County has 12 shifts why can't LAFD.


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