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Email From APB About Fire Union

Yes folks it is true, Local fire union #1826 care only about one thing MONEY. The senior union member care nothing about there fellow junior members or public safety. They only want to RAPE Lehigh Acres taxpayers for every nickel and dime they can get. To say these people risk there life everyday is a lie, most of the time. When 92% of all calls that LAFD response to are medical related, 6% are vehicle crashes and 2% are real fires. (stats for 2009). The taxpayers of Lehigh Acres risk more every time get out of bed or walk out side are homes. The people of Lehigh Acres need to stand up tell these scumbag, greedy liars to take a walk. Lehigh Acres would be better off if we dissolved the union by force. The force of will or the force of not paying taxes to them. Lehigh Acres does not need a fire union, Lehigh Acres need a Fire Dept that cares about it's employers. And we the taxpayers of Lehigh Acres are their employers. Sincerely, Anthonie P. Barrett


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