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Mack won't run for U.S. Senate Seat

That's the best news I have heard. I'm going to celebrate! Mack won his House seat because of his name and he is an obstacle as it is now that he is in the House of Representatives. He is a carpet bagger - movred here to run for Congress!!!!!! When did you ever see Connie Mack in Lehigh Acres? NEVER! Call his office and see if they know where we are. I hope the Democrats can put someone up who will defeat Mack in the next congfressional election, which is two years away! We need a congressman who is for the people, not big business! He hopes the Obama Administration will fail. Think of what I just said. People are losing jobs, their homes and the economy is in the toilet and Mack is against any program the Democrats want to improve our situation.


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