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Rental Ordinance For Lehigh Acres -NO!

The planning group in Lehigh wants to impose a rental ordinance on us from what I read online here. I have read the ordinance, which is online too, and if it is passed, it will cost a hunk of change to make it work. And GUESS WHO IS GOING TO LOSE --the people who are renting homes. There may be 12,000 rental units (homes and duplexes) in Lehigh and most of them are being lived in by decent people who don't want to see their rents go up. People are having economic problems and now you want to up their rents! that is the only way this program can pay for itself. Pass that rental ordinance and people who rent, look out! The landlords will pass on their costs to you. You have been warned. It will take an amry of people in the county (more bureaucracy) to run that program and to enforce it. Wake up Lehigh, especially you people who rent. Do you want your rents going up???????????


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