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Identity politics

October 23, 2019
Lehigh Acres Citizen

To the editor:

Some years back, I counted the special interest groups (now called identity politics) that the Democrats pursue. I counted over 20 but probably could add 10 more.

How does identity politics work? A politician or Party identifies a group to harvest votes. They then plan strategies on how they can appeal to those voters. Race is one example. Even though the Democrats were responsible for supporting slavery for over a century and keeping Americans who are black restricted in education, freedom and work until 1965 and beyond, they were able to capture over 90 percent of their vote the by War on Poverty (much of the funding taken from Social Security) and by calling everyone else a racist. The word "racist" is used by the racist Democrats to keep minorities down.

From the Democratic campaign, students who still owe money for their education represent a large number of votes. They owe $1.5 trillion. Since we are already spending a trillion more per year than we have, that is not going to happen. So the promise is not worth a counterfeit coin plus how would that be fair for those who have paid their way and/or their debt? It doesn't matter as long as enough people believe it.

Repeatedly attacking Trump is identity politics. It activates the entertainment elites, fake news and all those who were upset at losing in 2016. It also influences many uninformed voters when repeated every day. Attack collusion and if that doesn't work, attack obstruction and if that doesn't work attack a conversation with a Ukrainian president and if that doesn't work find something else. Country isn't important, only power.

The Democrats are very good at identity politics. Can you imagine getting the pro-abortion vote and the Catholic vote at the same time? Or the Union vote and the minority vote?

Free health care, free education, pro-abortion, climate change, energy revisions in every building are all aimed at identity groups to capture votes. Obama was elected by using identity politics.

Critical issues for our nation are the failing infrastructure, maintaining peace, mammoth debt, reducing the trade deficit (China is stealing a half trillion from us every year), solving the Medicare and Social Security impending bankruptcies, immigration, crime in our cities, the quality and cost of health care but the Democrats are talking identity politics, not what will make America better and safer.

Will it work?

John A Benedict

Cape Coral



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