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Commerical truck parking ordiance in effect

May 15, 2019
Lehigh Acres Citizen

The Board of County Commissioners of Lee County, Florida, has determined that the parking of commercial trucks in residential areas and on public right-of-ways is detrimental to the health, safety and welfare of the citizens of Lee County.

As a result, County Ordinance 19-08 has been approved and is now in effect.

The purpose of the Ordinance is to address the problem of the parking of very large trucks such as semi-trucks and dump trucks in residential areas. It prohibits the parking of commercial trucks (as defined by the Ordinance) on residentially zoned private property and public right-of-ways in unincorporated Lee County. This conduct is already prohibited by current County regulations. The main reason this Ordinance was passed was to allow for an alternative enforcement mechanism of towing the trucks after a repeat violation of the Ordinance.

Below, please find some questions and answers provided by the county:

Q: Exactly what trucks does the Ordinance apply to?

A: The Ordinance defines Commercial Truck as follows:

"Commercial Truck: A vehicle that is:

1. A semi-trailer truck or tractor-trailer; or

2. A truck with two or more rear axles; or

3. A truck with a manufacture's Gross Vehicle Weight Rating (GVWR) in excess of 15,000 pounds; or

4. Any truck and trailer combination, excluding a trailer used solely for non-commercial or recreational purposes, resulting in a combined manufacturer's GVWR in excess of 15,000 pounds.

As used herein, the term shall not mean Recreational Vehicle."

Q: Does the Ordinance apply to agriculturally zoned properties?

A: No. The Ordinance does not apply to properties zoned agricultural. However, current County Regulations do limit the parking of commercial trucks on AG property but provide certain exceptions. Specifically, Section 34-1181 of the Lee County Land Development Code applies to AG property. This regulation has been in place in Lee County since 2001. A link to the Lee County Land Development Code is below.

Q: How do I know what my property is zoned?

A: A link to Lee County's GIS website is below. Find your property by either searching in the parcel search box or clicking it on the map. Once you have found your property, click the "Districts Query" link. The zoning of your property will be shown in the "Unincorporated Lee County Zoning" tab.

Be advised that this ordinance is in effect immediately. Until the county has completed the posting of signs, the Lee County Sheriff's Office will be distributing warnings to those in violation of the ordinance. Upon the completion of posting ordinance signs, citations may be issued and towing may occur.

Source: Lee County Government



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