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No double standard

May 8, 2019
Lehigh Acres Citizen

To the editor:

I keep reading of the absolute adoration of President Trump from some of the fiercest proponents of placing a plaque of the Ten Commandments in government offices. It is puzzling to me because Mr. Trump has violated quite a few of the Ten Commandments and yet he is still embraced as a role model for our Christian selves and our children. When did such violations over-ride common, good sense morals?

Your beloved President couldn't hold the position of high school principal with his track record of acts of moral turpitude. To say nothing of his bullying those who question him and his open racist and hateful words and deeds, particularly to those who are disadvantaged and or disabled. Imagine any parent's reaction to learning that their child's school principal was committing adultery with a porn actress. Or that he was referring to the countries in their geography lessons as s--t holes. Profanity, immorality and ignorance does not become anyone, much less one entrusted with doing good for the entire country. All this and lying about everything that would make him "look bad" is not the mentality we would tolerate in a school administrator. Why do we tolerate it in our President?

Sandra White

Cape Coral



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