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Why an electoral college?

April 10, 2019
Lehigh Acres Citizen

To the editor:

When the founders looked to develop a system to elect our president they analyzed governments and how they represented the people all the way back to ancient Rome. The founders determined that representation had to be based on a selection process that encompassed more than just the high population centers and made sure that all geographic areas of the country had a say in how we elected our president. For those that say the system is antiquated, history is being ignored in order to manipulate the future. The peril is in not knowing what history provides in the way of lessons in government. The president, under a popular vote scenario would have no incentive to act in the interest of the low population vote states. All Federal money would flow to the high population centers to keep those people voting for the incumbent elected in a popular vote. It would be a slow draining of taxes from the low population centers to support the high population centers in order to buy votes and keep a party in power. This is a form of Serfdom or could be referred to as political slavery to the power party. The founders also developed a system where we have a congress which represents the people at the regional level, and a senate which insures that all states have representation as well. The Governing system is balanced between the House, the Senate, and the President. Between the three there should a fairly good representation for the people across the country

With this in mind I would like to call attention to some phrasing that has been used by the both party's leadership about keeping the parties voting together. Voting as a block based on party lines, demanding allegiance to the party. How can a congressman or senator represent the people that elected them if they must vote along party lines instead of being able to vote for their constituents' values? With the great diversity of this country I find it hard to believe that there are only two viewpoints across the United States. Is there only a Democrat or a Republican viewpoint? When we lose our local representation to a political party regardless of regional or local values, and we then lose the Electoral College, we move to a single party system or an oligarchy which is what the founders escaped from. Those that wish to polarize the issue may use buzzwords like antiquated to sway the younger voters. I ask that everyone think beyond the shouting and buzzwords and reflect deeply on the impact that a popular vote system for president would have on our country especially with the political polarization of parties as they now stand.

If one would like to review a graphic of how a popular vote only represents a few areas of the country merely do an online search for 2016 election voting maps and then look at images. It is a dramatic graphic of how only a few densely populated areas of the country would decide for the rest of us.

J. Caplin

Cape Coral



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