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It’s time to write tickets

September 19, 2018
Lehigh Acres Citizen

To the editor:

It is time for county to cite people who refuse to cooperate with the Laws and ordinances in Le County?

1) Four- wheelers have to be cited for using them on county state local land not their own.

a - no more warnings because we have seen first hand that they tear up canals and cause flooding?

2) Semis and dump trucks. It is time to cite and tow all these people who park them in residential areas.

a- If they do not have required documentation, call authorities.

b- We cannot give years of warnings we must enforce the ordinances.

3) Trash cans- The ordinance of putting your trash can out on trash day and putting away

a - not leave them in the street seven days a week

b - The time for warnings is over; start writing tickets.

4) Lawns not maintained must be cited.

a- if you do not maintain your lawn, give them tickets.

5- Unregistered cars and trucks

a - give them tickets and make Lee County residents comply

6) Illegal signs- time to stop these people from littering.

a- give them tickets

7) Un-licensed contractors- put them in jail.

8) Illegal dumping - make it a jailable offense.

9) Using weed-and-feed: Make it a crime as it causing harm to our environment.

10) Start clamping down on slum landlords

a- do not allow 12 people to live in a 3-bedroom home

b - Look, this is a recipe for people getting hurt.

c- septic systems for a family is not meant for 12 people.

Look county leaders, it's time to get tough and get out the ticket book and write tickets.

Eric Engelhart

Lehigh Acres



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