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Majestic Golf Club hosting many leagues this summer

June 6, 2018
By MEGHAN McCOY ( , Lehigh Acres Citizen

Although there have been many, many months of clean-up following Hurricane Irma, which is still taking place today, personnel from the Majestic Golf Club say they are coming back in pretty good shape ready for the summer golfers to use their greens.

"It will be fine," Jere Carrick, member manager and owner manager of Majestic Golf Club, said of the damage caused by Hurricane Irma. "It's just expensive. We are going to try and have a good year."

Hurricane Irma caused a loss of more than $200,000 for Majestic Golf Club.

Like everyone else, Carrick said they did everything they could to prepare before the storm came barreling through Lehigh Acres. They boarded up windows, picked up everything that could either fly or blow around, moved what equipment they could indoors, while blocking other equipment, took signs down, moved ball washers to safer places and tied down everything that had to be left outside.

"We have a community of 200 people that surround us. We sat and waited," he said after they finished preparing for the storm.

Also before the storm, Carrick said they stocked up on fuel because the majority of their equipment runs on it and they wanted the opportunity to work following the hurricane.

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Carrick, and others, rode out the storm at the clubhouse. After the hurricane passed they assessed the damage.

More than 600 trees were lost, there was damage to the clubhouse roof and pool cage and damage on the greens. Carrick said with a leaky roof, three offices downstairs were ruined, as well as computers that sat on desks because of the water coming down through the roof.

In addition, he said they lost their irrigation building and pumps.

"We all got under water," Carrick said. "We were without electric for 12 days. The irrigation water we had to pump out of the lake to keep water on the grass."

Carrick said they were without phones and computers for 15 days, also making it hard to run the business.

The staff began the cleanup, which kept Majestic Golf Club closed for 28 days, resulting in no income during that time.

"We got estimates to help us clean up and they were outrageous. The least expensive assistance to clean up the damage was $80,000, so we did that ourselves. We have been doing it ourselves. We rented equipment and have been cleaning up since," Carrick said.

Some of the work that remains is filling holes where the trees no longer stand and removing tree stumps.

Although there was extensive damage at the club, Carrick said they are grateful that no one got hurt.

"It was pretty devastating. We got hit pretty hard. A lot of roofs got hit. No one got hurt in the community," he said.

As the days passed, they slowly achieved their clean-up goals, such as removing trees from the cart paths and fairways, so they could get around.

The club also took care of the residents, cooking as much food as they could from the club before it spoiled.

"We gave all the food away to people right after the storm. We cooked off as much as we could and gave the community as much as we could," Carrick said.

They were thankful once they had the opportunity to open again, getting everyone back to normal.

"By November we were playing golf again," Carrick said. "We are operating and coming back in pretty good shape."

Although the club does not experience much business in the summer because of the daily rain showers, Carrick said there are quite a few leagues that play this time of year. Those leagues include a retiree league, two nine-hole scrambles, men's and a women's league.

"We are pretty active," he said.

Majestic Golf Course, which is a public course, is offering a variety of memberships for couples and seniors. Those interested can call (239) 369-8216, or stop by at 350 Homestead Road, South.

Majestic Golf Course opened in 1982 and Carrick said he took over in 2000.



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