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King Trump

January 17, 2018
Lehigh Acres Citizen

To the editor:

How can anyone respect a man who talks about American jobs when he outsourced jobs to 17 countries, didn't pay his construction workers and declared bankruptcy six times, harming many people?

Since taking office he has dismissed about 40 people according to the recent USA Today whole page of people displaced out of jobs by him. He's throwing people away like pawns as the King in his personal chess game.

Several months ago, the New York Times published an entire page of verifiable lies by him and he nearly choked on his lie that he would not be playing golf when he's played 25 percent of the time according to TV analysis. He tweets about 11 times a day and spends a lot of time watching Fox News and CNN so he can dispute it. When is he governing?

He inspired wide spread protests by thousands here and in many other countries after his inauguration. The U.N. voted against the U.S. after his ill-timed announcement about Jerusalem just before Christmas, a tenuous time there at best.

Trump trades insults with another would be dictator in North Korea without seeming to realize that nuclear means world wide annihilation as foreshadowed in the book and movie of the 1960s, "On the Beach" with Gregory Peck.

Hillary was a Senator from New York during 9/11 and the people there voted overwhelmingly for her while booing him when he voted in his own home state. Both sides of the aisle acknowledged her work then.

Hillary has vast governmental experience. Trump has none and it shows. He struts around tweeting because it's a one way street and he doesn't have to answer questions. What he doesn't know is that the pawn can get to the other side of the board and become a queen, the most powerful piece on the chess board. The king can be checkmated and hopefully he will be removed from office before he can cause more chaos both here and abroad. He's playing a losing game of chess because he doesn't know how to play the game at all.

Alice Mack

Fort Myers



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