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Political heat

November 1, 2017
Lehigh Acres Citizen

To the editor:

I am beginning to wonder if this is truly the America we work so hard to build and preserve.

We are a nation in crisis - the most serious crisis is our president.

From The Nation, "It is beyond time for men and women of good conscience to denounce this president." His decisions are unsound (harmful).

It amazes me that he hates the people of America so much. This reminds me of Stalin and his making of the famine by taking things from the people and attacking them if they had too much. The president is attacking the American people, taking their necessities away.

Investing in the coal industry is an example of his poor decisions. Coal is no longer a viable form of energy. Natural gas and renewable energy sources are more available, cheaper and cleaner. Major users (energy producers) are looking to the future and already switching to these sources.

In addition, why should we as a nation and the world endure the pollution of mining and using coal as a source of energy? Burning coal is a major cause of climate change.

Even more troubling is this decision to prolong the suffering of coal miners and their families. Just like the old southern farming industry, eve(sharecropping) this ties them to the company store. They suffer all the health and social problems associated with that industry. This should have been a good time to educate and train them to move into the future.

Perhaps the coal can be used to fuel the fires of hell when he arrives.

Lewis Robinson

Fort Myers



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