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Anthem protestors owe apology

October 18, 2017
Lehigh Acres Citizen

To the editor:

Protestors of the American national anthem during football games owe America an apology.

Have they forgotten the extreme danger of their action to America's respect, character, and moral stand? Have they forgotten the adverse messages conveyed to the coming generation?

Our nation and its flag stand for precious liberty that didn't come cheap, not the abuse of it. Protest against it thus targets only the liberty while leaving its abuses unscathed.

Our laws protect from slavery, segregation and other abuses, including police brutality, that violate liberty. Should parents be punished for their children's unruly behavior? Are blacks again banned from major league sports?

The protests represent a hard, brutal slap in the face of the men that fought and died to protect our liberty and a pat on the backs of enemies determined to snatch it. Views diametrically opposed to our flag and liberty do not deserve respect.

Is America steeped in political correctness to the point of forgetting the acute severity of the players' offense that warrant strong disciplinary action if they fail to apologize? If a young man is punished for failure to obey the call of duty to defend our nation, why not the protestors that effectively trampled on our liberty that our fighting men defended?

How long must our nation continue to put up with unpatriotic insults? The unruly child that's not made to cry eventually ends up making his parents cry.

Earl L. Dunn

Lehigh Acres



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