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LCSO honors students at awards ceremony

September 28, 2017
Special to THE CITIZEN ( , Lehigh Acres Citizen

Humanitarian concern, honesty, integrity, positive decision making and heroism were recognized today during the Lee County Sheriff's Office's "Do The Right Thing" awards ceremony.

Each month throughout the school year, the LCSO will honor the positive actions of the community's students through the student recognition program. The goal is to reinforce positive behavior among youths and to establish students as role models for their peers.

The local students honored included:

- Ian Charles, of Lehigh Acres, a fourth-grader at Tortuga Preserve Elementary School

Teacher Elizabeth Aulenbach wrote that, "Ian is a dedicated student who comes to school every day with a positive mindset. He is a safety patrol leader at our school and never misses or forgets to do his job. He is a great leader at our school and a true role model for others."

- Liam Lopez, of Lehigh Acres, a first-grades at Tortuga Preserve Elementary School

Teacher Kelly Mains wrote that, "Liam is an amazing young man who came to work with his mom at our school helping her get things ready for the teachers when they returned to start the new school year. I loved watching Liam show such terrific leadership skills and his willingness to help others."

- Sarae'a Mann, of Lehigh Acres, ia first-grader at Bayshore Elementary School

Teacher Erin Yoerger wrote that, "Sarae'a has set the bar high for all students in her classroom. She is constantly working to exceed all expectations set for her. She is caring and thoughtful to every person who crosses her path. She guides others with quiet leadership, and encourages others with her positive attitude. Her joyful spirit shines through her beautiful smile. I am so proud to call Sarae'a my student. She has a bright future ahead of her."

- Aiden Jenkins, of Lehigh Acres, a first-grader at Riverhall Elementary School

Teacher Ariel Rabun wrote that, "Since day one, Aiden has shown exemplary behavior making sure to always follow directions, helping others with a difficult topic we are reviewing, or even just helping push in chairs and tying classmates' shoes. He never has a bad thing to say about others and is always willing to help. Being such a great role model and friend to his peers I truly feel he is the best candidate to be honored for doing the right thing."

- Kyle Hagan, of Alva, a fifth-grader at The Alva School

Right to Succeed coordinator Beau Langley wrote that, "Kyle found money in the school cafeteria. Instead of keeping it for himself, he turned the money in to and adult. His actions reflect honesty and integrity."

- Jeremiah Joseph, of Lehigh Acres, a fifth-grader at Mirror Lakes Elementary School

School resource officer Deputy First Class Brad Weich wrote that, "Jeremiah discovered a serious safety concern at school. Without any hesitation he informed a school staff member of the safety concern. If Jeremiah had not brought this information forward someone potentially may have been hurt. Jeremiah's decision and actions reflect his concern for safety of his school, students and staff."

- Brooklynn Odero, of Lehigh Acres, a seventh-grader at Varsity Lakes Middle School

Teacher Christine Biel wrote that, "Brooklyn used the restroom during my class and when she returned she had a cellular telephone with her. She had found it in the restroom. Instead of leaving it or keeping it for herself she responsibly turned it in. Her actions reflect honesty and integrity."

- Katelynn O'Reilly, of Lehigh Acres, a sixth-grader at Oak Hammock Middle School

School resource officer Cpl. Ranju George wrote that, "Katelynn's friend had lost her orthodontic retainer in the trash during the school lunch period. Katelynn helped her friend search through six trash bags before finding the retainer. She is also dedicated to helping her family at home. Katelynn has a great attitude towards everything she does."

- Anthony Farias, of Lehigh Acres, a seventh-grader at Harns Marsh Middle School

- Jovani Colon, of Lehigh Acres, a seventh-grader at Harns Marsh Middle School

ESE teacher Laura Voellinger wrote that, "During a class a student began having a medical emergency. Anthony and Jovani responded immediately and helped me and the student. Jovani went to the telephone, called the front office and let them know we had an emergency. Anthony helped direct responders into my classroom to help. When other adults showed up, Jovani stayed with us and answered the telephone, relayed messages and helped by moving furniture so the EMTs could get a stretcher in to the room. Anthony and Jovani also went to the front office to wait for the student's mother and escorted her to my classroom. I am so extremely proud of the courage, calm, strength of character and compassion that Anthony and Jovani showed in this moment of crisis. I am so proud to call them my students."

- Ivan Villafuerte, of Lehigh Acres, a senior at Riverdale High School

School resource officer Deputy Jevon Matthews wrote that, "Ivan's sister was having medical incident in the classroom and was in distress. Ivan was notified and immediately responded to help with the situation. He assisted medical staff in calming down his sister and reassuring her that things would be all right. Ivan's poise and maturity should be recognized - he truly did the right thing."

- Jar'tavius Da'quan Martin, of Lehigh Acres, a senior at Lehigh Senior High School

School resource officer Cpl. Garfiled Young wrote that, "Jar'tavius found an expensive cellular telephone at school. He promptly turned it in to me as his school resource officer without any hesitation. I believe Jar'tavius showed compassion and honesty. He wanted the rightful owner to get their phone back. Good job Jar'tavius you are the epitome of what it means to do the right thing."

Source: Lee County Sheriff's Office



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