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Council's Corner: Help to reduce traffic accidents, improve road safety in Lehigh

March 15, 2017

The Lehigh Acres Community Council is concerned about the number of auto and motorcycle accidents and how they affect our community.

No one ever leaves their home in the morning and thinks today is the day I'll be in an accident. Make sure it's not the day by driving responsibly and defensively - take care of yourself.

It's worth it.

When one life is taken, it affects the lives of so many people, first and most important, the lives of your family - think about them and how they would feel with only memories of you. Your friends are affected, your co-workers and every single person in the community is affected by your careless driving.'

Monitor use of your high beams

At night, high beams may be necessary to increase visibility and avoid potential hazards - especially when you're traveling away from the city. However, using your high beams when other motorists are in sight can be dangerous. It can cause temporary road blindness, as oncoming drivers can see nothing except the glaring white lights coming their way.

Always use turn signals

Using your turn signals lets other motorists know your intentions. If you begin to turn suddenly without signaling, drivers around you may not be expecting it - and it could cause an accident.

Distracted driving is a no-no

To avoid disregarding the safety of others, you should focus solely on driving while you're behind the wheel.

Things you should try to avoid while operating a vehicle include:

- Talking on hand-held devices

- Texting

- Eating

- Reaching for items

- Applying makeup

- Shaving

- Operating music devices, such as iPods

Keep your passengers safe

When you operate a vehicle, you take on a responsibility for all the passengers inside the vehicle. Whether it's ensuring children are properly secured in the correct safety seat or practicing defensive driving habits, making sure your passengers feel and remain safe should be your number one priority.

At a minimum, here's what you should do:

- Make sure all passengers are wearing safety belts

- Obey speed limit signs

- No sharp turns around corners

- No distracted driving

- Avoid reckless behavior

Give pedestrians space

Pedestrians inside cross walks deserve the time and space needed to cross the road safely. Being an impatient driver by inching forward to complete your turn as soon as there's a foot of space isn't the right thing to do.

Watch your speed

Weaving around slower cars is a dangerous practice. But impeding traffic by going too slow can be just as unsafe. To avoid an accident or causing a traffic jam, it's best to go with the flow of traffic - which should be right around the speed limit. Anything significantly higher or lower and you'll become a hazard to everyone around you.

Drive safe - your community needs you!

The Lehigh Acres Community Council serves as the voice for unincorporated Lehigh Acres. To contact the council, email



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