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World’s foremost problem

March 8, 2017
Lehigh Acres Citizen

To the editor:

There are many among us with a desire to define and solve the world's most serious problems. Many feel that global warming is the most serious problem and completely ignore population growth as the reason for this dilemma we find ourselves in. There is no question the human race creates a lot of pollution to our environment. The act of pollution, however, is only a small portion of the overall problem.

When looking at the total picture it becomes easy to recognize the two items responsible for this enigma. The world's top problem is overpopulation, not global warming. Global warming is the result of excessive population. Failure to recognize and correct this situation will only exacerbate, and never solve the problem. We have in excess of 7 billion people living on earth today and growth rate of world population is in excess of 105,000 each and every day.

The result of population growth is placing an ever-increasing demand for consumption of the earth's finite natural resources. One of the most obvious and most serious consumption is deforestation. From satellite observations, our government reported we are losing 30,000,000 (million) acres of forest and woodlands every year. This is truly significant!

Forests play a large role in the carbon cycles on our planet. Forests are extremely vital as they absorb and store carbon and produce the very oxygen we breathe. They also provide us with shelter, food and medicine. They purify the air we breathe and the water we drink to survive. Forests store 100 times more carbon than an agricultural area of the same size. Does slash and burn to create additional farming land for our ever increasing world population produce a positive result? Not hardly. The human race will die from insufficient oxygen and water before dying from global warming.

The earth's problem is simply too many babies annually. We are closet deniers if we think otherwise. A net gain of 75,000,000 (million) people annually is earth's uppermost problem. Correcting this will diminish subsequent problems. Ignoring it will simply make the human race the world's next dinosaurs, the species slated for extinction. We may very well become the earth's sixth great species of extinction.

History pronounces most hostilities and armed conflicts taking place in the world are in areas where humans struggle for control of available resources with their neighbors. This happens where overpopulation has created clashes for limited resources. In the middle east, this has been happening for centuries and unless we gain control of world population growth, it will only continue.

Most consider it praiseworthy for government contributions to real and perceived global problem solutions. Unfortunately, most contributions from our government primarily consist of some form of armaments and/or military intervention. This is a total waste of our tax dollars. This only increases our national debt and truly exacerbates the problem.

The only beneficiaries of military armaments are those representing the Congressional-Military-Industrial-Complex. A few Americans become rich as hell while the rest of us are stuck with paying the bill.

It is time our government solutions become meaningful. Foreign aid must contain only birth control education and devices, and minor sterilization surgeries. This approach would certainly solve the population growth dilemma and solve the most serious problem within a few decades. We might very possibly balance our national budget as a bonus.

Robert E. Workman

Cape Coral



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