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Immigration a privilege, not a right

March 8, 2017
Lehigh Acres Citizen

To the editor:

Unfortunately there are those from other countries that think they have a right to immigrate to the United States. The truth is, immigration is a privilege and not a right.

Illegal immigration is a crime. Illegal entry in to our country is a misdemeanor, and, after being deported, becomes punishable as a felony. The Immigration and Nationality Act Section 237 (a)(1)(B) states, "Any alien who is present in the United States in violation of this Act or any other law of the United States is deportable."

Illegal immigration is not a victimless crime. The fact is that illegal immigration can cause substantial harm to American citizens, particularly those from the poor, minority and children sectors. And illegal immigration causes an enormous drain on public funds along with often depressing the wages and working conditions offered to American workers.

Illegal immigration also poses an opportunity for terrorists to blend in to that part of the population threatening our national security.

So for you naysayers that see nothing wrong with illegal immigration please take your heads out of the sand so you can view the light.

We would not be in this present situation if our past administrations, both Democrat and Republican, would have enforced the immigration laws of our nation in the past. And, most importantly, by eliminating the anchor baby inclusion for those being born within our shores to illegal immigrants.

We have to look beyond the breaking of the law of these illegal immigrants and accept responsibility for the civil or criminal offenses of some employers. Under federal law, it is illegal for any employer to hire, recruit or refer illegal immigrants for work. It is also illegal for employers to not verify work authorization.

Additionally, employers should be aware that they can be sued under the RICO Act for hiring illegal immigrants. A forewarning is that the bar is set high for trying to establish an affirmative defense when being sued under the RICO Act.

An accessory is that of contributing in a secondary way or assisting in contributing to as a subordinate.

So as Americans, let us get back to reality and realize these laws are made for the protections of our most precious commodity, our citizens.

Instead of assisting those who broke the law, let us assist and afford an opportunity to those seeking legal immigration to the United States of America.

Jack Wagner

Cape Coral



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