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Military service is a great equalizer

February 8, 2017
Lehigh Acres Citizen

To the editor:

In reading Mr. Lewis Robinson's "Don't volunteer to be a victim" in the Lehigh Acres Citizen on Feb. 1, I see he discourages volunteering for military service in his claim that in America today that these are the very people from our poor, minority and immigrants that are not granted the decencies of justice and equality.

In reality the military was this nation's greatest equalizer. The poor, rich and middle class all started on a level playing field. It afforded to those who came from backgrounds with no moral compass and discipline, a family structure. Through hard work, opportunities were afforded for all who shared this special camaraderie.

Mr. Robinson, which branch of the military did you say you served in during your sacrifice to this great nation?

You encourage standing on a corner waving a sign as volunteerism. I can imagine what that sign states coming from your rant referring to mass incarceration, police brutality, poor education, poor health care, etc. that again promotes the increased racial divisiveness we have seen in our nation these past eight years.

Suggesting that in order to be good Americans who value justice, respect and love for others that we need to follow socialistic ideas and rants, and accept that all the injustices you reference are because of the non-minority and rich.

For consideration: 672 lives lost to murders in Chicago in 2016, with 75 percent of those being black and over 71 percent murdered by their own race. Yet, past AG Loretta Lynch focused on an investigation of police brutality instead the root cause of these murders. It is hard to be the victim when you are the perpetrator of the crime.

How sad in our own community two young innocent lives were taken at Club Blu and that the many that were there will not reveal leads to put these killers behind bars.

The sadness is that the true denial of opportunity comes from within while everyone else is blamed. We see more energy focused on the blame game rather than helping those in need. That is the first step to improving the playing field of opportunity.

We were not all born with a silver spoon in our mouth. Equality and self worth is not created by a hand out, but rather a hand up.

Holding a child's hand who had seen the horrors of this violence promotes much more love, understanding and compassion than volunteering to hold a sign on a street corner.

The real lesson to be learned here is that we cannot combat the ignorance of some with the ignorance of others. Sadly this kind of ignorance only widens the divide on all sides.

Jack Wagner

Cape Coral



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