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Our system is broken

April 19, 2017 To the editor: Finally! On Friday, March 24, the efforts to pass a new health care bill failed in the House of Representatives. This bill was drafted with no Democratic inpu. more »»

For whom do they work?

April 19, 2017 To the editor: I see in the news that Hillary Clinton is once again entering the political fray. Her new slogan is, “Resist, insist, persist, enlist. more »»

Lies, chaos, deflection and bad legislation

April 5, 2017 To the editor: Just what is our government doing? We the people wanted good government, and we elected villains. Everything is in constant turmoil. more »»

April is Donate Life Month

April 5, 2017 To the editor: Would you spare three minutes of your time to save lives? That’s all it takes — and more than 118,000 people in the United States, including approximately 5,600 Floridians, are... more »»

Votes take the refuge out of nation wildlife refuges

April 5, 2017 To the editor: I want to make residents who like to think of themselves as conservation-minded, aware of the recent votes of our new Congressman, Francis Rooney, and our Republican Se. more »»

Where is our compassion?

April 5, 2017 To the editor: I was appalled and then saddened at the lack of knowledge shown about the arduous process of vetting people from other countries. more »»

Rule of law undermined by nuclear option politics

April 5, 2017 To the editor: Sen. Schumer’s announcement of a filibuster has guaranteed the nuclear option. more »»

Ground zero for AHCA

March 29, 2017 To the editor: Florida has 500,000 people on the ACA (Affordable Care Act or Obamacare). This does not include Medicaid applicants because Gov. more »»

Panther road kill carnage

March 29, 2017 To the editor: I, too, am angered and upset when I see another death of a panther due to road kil. more »»

Right to ‘lifeline’ of choice

March 29, 2017 To the editor: I’d like to talk a little about the issues related to your article in a recent edition of the Citizen: “It is that time of year again to toss Lifeline Family Center a lifelin. more »»

Future of Bright Futures

March 22, 2017 To the editor: One week ago the Florida Senate passed in a 35-1 vote the “Florida Excellence in Higher Education Act of 2017. more »»

Time for publicly funded elections

March 22, 2017 To the editor: When we retired and came to Florida one of the first things done was to apply for Florida License Plates. more »»

Trump is a danger

March 22, 2017 To the editor: What do you think of Donald Trump? Here’s what I think. Donald Trump is a lying, swindling, bungling, neanderthal charlatan blowhard who is very often delusional and paranoi. more »»

Living in litigious society

March 22, 2017 To the editor: It is impossible to ignore that fact as the entire news media has been daily reporting on the “story” that President Trump’s Attorney General has fired the remaining (46) attorneys in... more »»

Some advice for the School District of Lee County

March 15, 2017 To the editor: Has the sewage in the Gulf and the Caloosahatchee finally impacted the brains of local government? Using land to build public housing is not the way to attract the best and the... more »»

A lot to learn

March 15, 2017 To the editor: At the town hall meeting in Cape Coral this past Friday with Congressman Francis Rooney, I realized one huge problem for us, his constituents — our representative is severely ignoran. more »»

Put our money where your mouth is

March 15, 2017 To the editor: I have been following the local news reports concerning this most concerning problem our lovely committee has had with the Fort Myers Police Department. more »»


March 15, 2017 To the editor: Republicans increase power and so it seems, but why? When the Obama administration was in full swing the mainstream media was singing the praises of the Democratic Part. more »»

Immigration a privilege, not a right

March 8, 2017 To the editor: Unfortunately there are those from other countries that think they have a right to immigrate to the United States. The truth is, immigration is a privilege and not a right. more »»

World’s foremost problem

March 8, 2017 To the editor: There are many among us with a desire to define and solve the world’s most serious problems. more »»



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