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Vote for John Scott

November 2, 2016 To the editor: As Lee County residents of District 79 vote over the next two weeks, there is one main issue that is motivating Republicans, Democrats and Non-Party Affiliates alike from North Fort... more »»

Guest opinion: Vote ‘Yes’ on Amendment 1 — for the sun

October 28, 2016 We respectfully disagree with the Breeze Newspapers editorial that says Amendment 1 is misleading. Amendment 1 is clear and straightforward. more »»

Guest opinion: A slick oily fraud - Amendment 1 IS funded by Big Utilities: Vote ‘No’

October 28, 2016 “Let the scum shine,” as Carl Hiassen penned in a recent column about Amendment 1. The money trail on Amendment 1 tells it all. more »»

What election may cost you

October 26, 2016 To the editor: Below is a list of 13 items reflecting some of what is at stake in the 2016 election. more »»

Kuckel for school board

October 26, 2016 To the editor: This letter is written to support Jane Kuckel for Lee County School Board, District 6. The time I have known Jane, she has always been very passionate about education. more »»

Armstong for school board

October 26, 2016 To the editor: I have attended numerous candidate forums and heard all the candidates for Lee School Board District 6, which is at-large for all of Lee Count. more »»

Good try

October 26, 2016 To the editor: Michelle Malkin writes “Obama lied, my third health plan just died, nothing will turn the tide.” Yes, you’re going to hate Obamacare. more »»

Wayne no longer here

October 26, 2016 To the editor: The emotion of knowing who and what it meant to be an “American” is missing from the most recent of generations. more »»

Who’s the school bully?

October 26, 2016 To the editor: Hearing many tales from the Clinton campaign about whether or not your child is a bully because of the words of Donald Trump, I thought maybe going over the list of things that Hillar... more »»

Former U.S. president’s recent visit to Fort Myers

October 19, 2016 To the editor: Former President William Jefferson Clinton honored Fort Myers with a speaking engagement at Riverside Community Center on Oct. 11 at 4 p.m. more »»

Phil Buchanan deserves better

October 19, 2016 To the editor: Groucho Marks once said, “I don’t want to belong to any club that would have me as a membe. more »»

Vote Doyle

October 19, 2016 To the editor: I have known Tommy Doyle as a friend and co-worker for over 30 years. more »»

The wrong wall

October 19, 2016 To the editor: Let’s not talk about a wall that will never be built or paid for by the Mexican government. more »»

Political parties and musical chairs

October 19, 2016 To the editor: The Federalists was the first political party in the United States which was created in 1787. more »»

Flouting the rules of debate

October 12, 2016 To the editor: I have been submitting my letters to the editors of our local newspapers for over five years. more »»

A vote for Kuckel is a vote for education

October 12, 2016 To the editor: In these tumultuous political times, it is refreshing to know that Jane Kuckel has pledged her time and knowledge — she holds a doctorate in education —?to the Lee County School Boar. more »»

Vote for Kuckel

October 12, 2016 To the editor: Jane Kuckel is a qualified candidate and responsible person. Vote Jane Kuckel for the School Board. more »»

Trump taxes

October 12, 2016 To the editor: Trump’s tax strategy was legal and largely used by “Hillary Clinton largest donors. more »»

Endorsement for Donald Trump

October 12, 2016 To editor: Showing class and his “man-up” quality, Senator Ted Cruz has now endorsed Donald Trump for president. more »»

Vote for Scott for District 79

October 6, 2016 To the editor: Can a Democrat be elected in Lee County? Well, it depends on what the people of District 79 want. more »»



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