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Paying for the wall

February 22, 2017 To the editor: The Trump administration says we will get Mexico to pay for the wall by levying an import duty on goods coming to us out of Mexico. more »»

Dangers of defunding Planned Parenthood

February 22, 2017 To the editors: A message to our legislators — The dangers of defunding Planned Parenthood: The new U.S. more »»

The Wall, the Con Man

February 15, 2017 Before we look at the scam itself, I think it’s important to identify the two main players in this big co. more »»

Distinction between the left, right

February 15, 2017 As I read the comments from last week’s paper, I see a distinction between the left and the right. more »»

What is ‘Planned Parenthood?’

February 8, 2017 To the editor: What does the name “Planned Parenthood” mean to you? For many of us it’s birth control and cancer screenings, for others it often times conjures up feelings related to your opinion... more »»

Truth about Hillary and Bill

February 8, 2017 To the editor: Since the election the mass media (other than Fox news and talk radio) have broadcast 95 percent negative stories about Trump and his administration. more »»

Military service is a great equalizer

February 8, 2017 To the editor: In reading Mr. Lewis Robinson’s “Don’t volunteer to be a victim” in the Lehigh Acres Citizen on Feb. more »»

Time to throw in towel

February 8, 2017 To the editor: Here we go again. The Democrats are still crying over Hillary losing becoming the president. more »»

Ultimate in term limits

February 8, 2017 To the editor: A suggestion for revised legislative procedure: - Eliminate the council/Legislature/Congress. more »»

Stand against wrong

February 8, 2017 To the editor: Congressman John Lewis stated that Donald Trump has no mandate to govern. Donald Trump immediately attacked John Lewis. Most of what Trump said was incorrect. more »»

Federal gag order

February 8, 2017 To the editor: Depending on what news agency you reference, the “Trump-backed gag orders” imposed on scientists and administrators at the EPA and Department of Agriculture this week are either: an... more »»

Inauspicious start

February 8, 2017 To the editor: Now that the POTUS has emboldened terrorists against all things Muslim he must be quite proud of the Texas mosque burning as well as the immigrant hating killer in Canada. Great start. more »»

Time for the truth

February 1, 2017 To the editor: Why the lies, provable and verifiable lies by POTUS? During his CIA visit he politicized and lied in front of a memorial to lost operatives from the CIA. more »»

Do not volunteer to be a victim

February 1, 2017 To the editor: Let me be clear I have nothing against volunteering, in fact, I encourage it. When I stand on the corner waving a sign I am volunteering to serve my fellow citizens. more »»

Power of the boycott

February 1, 2017 To the editor: We can tame Trump with the boycott: Everyone must take a stand! Let every person and every enterprise take a public stand: You support or condemn the Trumpeters — Trump and his vile... more »»

Planned Parenthood is strong

January 25, 2017 To the editor: When the Republican-controlled Senate and House state they will “defund Planned Parenthood,” what exactly does this mean? First of all, their words are misguided. more »»

Trump had his chance

January 25, 2017 To the editor: This comes to you in response to Barbara Steffens’ letter published in the Jan.18 edition of the Lehigh Acres Citizen. more »»

Poor water quality fallout to keep vacationers from coming back

January 18, 2017 To the editor: We have canceled travel to your area for the first time since 1968, not because of the Zika virus, but because of Florida’s continuing and growing disregard for the protection of its... more »»

Bad news and good news

January 18, 2017 To the editor: Recent stories about the closings of many Kmart stores and Sears stores and Macy stores would have us sad to see these familiar fixtures perish, victims to the ease of Internet... more »»

Give Trump, and his administration, a chance

January 18, 2017 To the editor: Oh no. No more “Trumped” letters. New York and California have a large population and they voted for Hillary, however they do not decide who will be in the White House. Thank goodnes. more »»



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