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The mother of all lies

November 22, 2017 To the editor: I believe that the following letter is of vital interest to all Americans. more »»

Dirty water and dirty politics

November 15, 2017 To the editor: Tired of dirty water and dirty politics? Join Lee Voter Freedom to restore our waterways and accountability in local government. more »»

Frustration with plant thieves

November 8, 2017 To the editor: I work at the Lehigh Acres Post Office. I have been trying for a year and a half to make the property, especially the front of the building, look nice. more »»

Call it what it is

November 8, 2017 To the editor: Quite frankly I am tired of the media labelling every terrorist attack, such as what happened on Tuesday in NYC, as a “lone wolf act. more »»

And they are paid for this!

November 8, 2017 To the editor: The pattern for the main stream media has been to investigate to the nth degree every possible nuance to an event of a killing by the gunman du jour. more »»

Laughable investigation

November 8, 2017 To the editor: I’ve got a question for all of the misguided morons the Republicans have sent to Washington, D.C. My first thought involves the House “intelligence” committee. more »»

A matter of priority

November 1, 2017 To the editor: “Tourism gets a boost,” Lee County Commissioners “will make the call,” tourism council endorses $700,000 in additional spending to increase awareness of beaches, etc. more »»

Clean water is community’s life blood

November 1, 2017 To the editor: Southwest Florida is a fabulous place with great sun, air, access to the Gulf and people, but there is one major embarrassment —?the pollution of the Caloosahatchee River. more »»

Political heat

November 1, 2017 To the editor: I am beginning to wonder if this is truly the America we work so hard to build and preserve. We are a nation in crisis — the most serious crisis is our president. more »»

Free speech — now — forever

November 1, 2017 To the editor: The first ten Amendments to the Constitution of the United States (Bill of Rights) were ratified effective Dec. 15, 1791. more »»

Anthem protestors owe apology

October 18, 2017 To the editor: Protestors of the American national anthem during football games owe America an apology. more »»

It comes back to us every time

October 18, 2017 To the editor: The other morning — a beautiful Sunday morning and the first day of October — I went for a long walk that included walking through the Florida SouthWestern State College campus, a... more »»

Just say no

October 18, 2017 To the editor: Rep. more »»

Don’t make a difficult situation worse — call 811

October 11, 2017 To the editor: Hurricane Irma got a lot of press for the unprecedented amount of power outages she caused throughout Florida. more »»

Pick and choose

October 11, 2017 To the editor: The talk that covers our media today concerns matters of gun control. Regardless where you stand on the issue one cannot simply disregard the protections of the Second Amendmen. more »»

Inciting produces more hate

October 11, 2017 To the editor: In referencing Mr. Lewis Robinson’s several letters to the editor it is hard for me not to draw a conclusion that some of his rhetoric is not deep rooted in the profession of hate. more »»

Toss politicians out with trash

October 4, 2017 To the editor: It is an undeniable fact that in Lee County, Lehigh Acres was devastated by hurricane Irma. more »»

The politicizing of everything is doing more harm than good

October 4, 2017 To the editor: The flag and the Star Spangled Banner seem to be in jeopardy after 200 plus years. There has been little if any controversy regarding the flag in that tim. more »»

Stop talking, start doing

October 4, 2017 To the editor: Congressional representatives are establishing themselves as being useless, worthless, and absolutely disingenuous idiot. more »»

Fentanyl addiction likely lethal

September 27, 2017 To the editor: Fentanyl is the strongest opiate on the streets right now and it’s estimated to be 100 times more potent than morphine and 50 times stronger than heroin. more »»



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