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Trump is not my president

January 22, 2020 To the editor: Trump and his congressional, Republican, money-driven bootlickers are making a mockery out of the presidency and the judicial system of the United States. more »»

President’s actions were the right response; now it’s time for peace

January 15, 2020 To the editor: When the U.S. is hit, it is often fair to hit back. Last night, U.S. more »»

U.S. reaction to acts of aggression a long time coming

January 15, 2020 To the editor: The ordering of strikes and the killing of top Iranian military leader Gen. more »»

Judge must reject drywall settlement agreement

January 8, 2020 To the editor: Judge Fallon, U.S. more »»

Democratic Party has become the party of the rich

January 8, 2020 To the editor: Letters from the left as usual blame every ill of this country on the Republicans but note they never give examples. Here are a few. more »»

Those in need taking a hit while the connected flourish

January 8, 2020 To the editor: Prior to 1980, Sunny Isles Beach, Florida was a large group of mangrove forest and waterways dotted with uninhabitable little islands. In 1980 the developers arrived. more »»

Trump has made America better

January 8, 2020 To the editor: There once was a time when people could disagree and still be friends. Politicians would argue their points passionately and then share a meal together. more »»

Impeachment requires a crime

December 25, 2019 To the editor: Impeachment requires a crime. The Dems could not find a crime that Trump has committed so they struggled to come up with a reason to impeach hi. more »»

Foregone conclusions just a waste of time and money

December 25, 2019 To the Editor: Former Secretary of State Colin Powell, a Republican, said “Republicans need to stand up to the president.” I don’t think you can expect that to happen. more »»

Guest Commentary: Only facts can determine if actions taken are impeachable or not

December 18, 2019 Regardless of my or anyone’s opinion about the President’s treatment of the Ukrainians, Rudy Giuliani or anyone else, impeachment is such a grave matter that it demands that a strong and clear case... more »»

Elected officials: Do your duty

December 18, 2019 To the editor: Presidents of the United States are supposed to fight against foreign interference in our elections as his constitutional responsibilit. more »»

Environmental blame game is unproductive

December 18, 2019 To the editor: Climate change is a technical subject and I appreciate the frustrations of many who are very concerned about this problem as we should be. more »»

Environmental protection is a bipartisan issue

December 11, 2019 To the editor: I wanted to respond to Mr. Brennan’s letter to the editor concerning Republicans and their views on the environment. more »»

Democrats, unite

December 11, 2019 To the editor: Evidence supporting impeachment is overwhelming. The public opinion may be divided, by those so-called alternative views. more »»


December 4, 2019 To the editor: Certain political positions simply do not pass the common sense test. more »»

Sheriffs should be peacekeepers

December 4, 2019 To the editor: I am so disappointed in the candidate Jim Leavens. He wants to be the sheriff of Lee County and he won’t agree to the basics on how to protect u. more »»

The ‘big heads’ are not in charge

December 4, 2019 To the editor: Listening to the circus-like impeachment hearings it’s more then obvious that those testifying are walking around with heads that are about to explode. more »»

An impeachable offense

November 20, 2019 To the editor: It was just learned that Iran has a hidden place inside a mountain not declared in the Obama treaty that is processing uranium. more »»

Continue the fracking ban fight

November 13, 2019 To the editor: Here in Florida, our water is our most precious resource, and it’s threatened every day by dirty fuel extraction. more »»

When will they start legislating?

November 13, 2019 To the editor: Led by Pelosi, Schumer and the four misguided and disruptive lady new-comers to the House of Representatives, the Democrats have totally abdicated their responsibility. more »»

Guest Commentary: Guardian ad Litem Foundation helps give a childhood back to children of SWFL

November 7, 2019 Imagine if your birthday was just another day — no party, no gifts, no cake, no extra attention. You certainly wouldn’t feel special. more »»


Moose Lodge 2266 January 29, 2020

Moose Lodge 2266, 210 Homestead Rd., 368-2266, dart league at 7 p.m. Alcoholic beverages for members and qualified guests only. Lunch available from 11:30, 2 p.m., 5:30 p.m., 8:30 p.m. - See more at: more »

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